Monday, January 21, 2008

What once was lost . . .

Saturday morning my husband received a phone call from the Greyhound bus station in Grand Junction, Colorado. They claimed to have the lost luggage (see post below). How, a week after being in Denver it ended up in Grand Junction rather than St. Louis, no one knows, but they were going to ship it to St. Louis free of charge (yeah, what a deal, huh?). It was due to arrive the next morning. My husband went down to the bus station yesterday. Spent two hours waiting for the bus. No luggage but no buses either. He's headed down there again this morning. I'm optimistic. I'll keep you posted; keep your fingers crossed.

I'm recovering from an amazing weekend with the Pulpwood Queens (I'll be posting scoop and PICTURES!!!!) later today.

I'm also recovering from the Packers' loss last night--but, to keep things in perspective, what a fabulous season Brett and the boys had. If anyone had suggested they'd be playing deep into January for a trip to the Superbowl, no one would have believed it.


Therese said...

I hate to admit that last night's game was Green Bay's to lose. NY outplayed them in the second half--a great effort, though.

My brother lives in GB and as the stadium was emptying out I was imagining the chaos of those small-town streets as thousands of people got in their cars to return home in bad moods!

Can't wait to hear/see your Pulpwood Queens tale!

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

You're so right, Therese--you can't have that many penalties (and on 3rd or 4th downs!) and still win.

There's always next year!

Daisy said...

Glad to hear the luggage turned up -- I was rather sad (okay, heartbroken!) as the game ended.

Lisa said...

These pictures are hysterical, but I think I need a further explanation of who the Pulpwood Queens are -- I'm sure I should know this, but I'm finding that lately I have the memory of a housefly.