Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just a Little Nuts

That would describe me and the week or so we've just had around here. Even in a normal week it's often chaotic. Living in this house are two adults, five kids who range in age from 14-22 (all of whom occasionally think of themselves as adults most often when exhibiting non-adultlike behavior), a three-year old golden retriever and a twelve-year old diabetic cat. These numbers alone caused me to dub our house (if we were the kind of people who named houses and lived in the kind of house that got named) "Blathering Heights" when our Brady Bunch group (sans Alice) moved in two years ago.

In the past week we've added:

~a broken refrigerator (diagnosis: dead compressor. I'd have thought compressors had longer lifespans than two years) which won't be fully functioning for another two days. For the first day, we lived out of a cooler. Then, we spent two days living out of my son's dorm refrigerator (oh, and had house guests at the same time!), then I broke down (not like the fridge or anything) and scrubbed out the old fridge (that's twenty years old and still has the compressor it was born with!) that had been in our basement (unplugged) so we could at least use it for cold beverages, necessities and ice. I've discovered I'm a huge ice addict.

~a leaky toilet. It wasn't leaking on the floor or anything, but, had a slow leak (caused by a bad flapper) which meant every few minutes it would refill just a tad. If you were on it when it happened, it was startling. If you were in the other room trying to finish writing your next novel it became akin to chinese water torture.

~a stalled air conditioner. Not good in St. Louis in July. Turns out the electricians installed the wrong kind of switch two years ago which made it a tad touchy. Sort of like my husband and I were when we were trying to get to sleep the night before it was repaired.

I know that in the whole scheme of things, these aren't even blips, but they've tended to keep me from more important pursuits--so, I apologize about the lack of insight (or even amusement) in this post.

Also, in the next few weeks we'll be getting one son packed up and back to college, another son packed and off to a vacation with his girlfriend and her family, both daughters geared up for their first and last years of high school (one of each) and my husband and I packed and ready for six days in Napa (the convertible rental car is already reserved!). And I'm still trying to finish that book I've mentioned a time or two. So, my posts might be a bit hit or miss and more book reviews than anything else, but I'll try not to have many more like this tale of domestic woe.

Oh, one last thing: GO CUBS!!


Lisa said...

That's just too many inconveniences with your modern conveniences! My heart goes out to you. Scott and I have gotten so spoiled with just two of us (plus golden retriever and cat) here that if the meter reader comes by we need to quit work early and have a glass of wine to recover from all the "chaos". I'm so impressed you can get anything done with all those people and nothing broken! My heart goes out to you -- I hope everything is fixed soon -- or, you could run away and check into a hotel room with room service for the night ;)

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Well, we are consuming quite a bit of wine as we recover--one of the reasons the lack of refrigeration was such a problem. No chilled chardonnay? i can't live like that!

And, we just keep looking at each other and whsipering our mantra: Napa, Napa, Napa.

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